Leadership Team

Warren Community Church Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are nominated by the Pastors and voted upon by the Congregation each year. The decision to nominate a Trustee comes with much prayer and observation of how each man stewards their families, their careers, their service to the Church body, and their faith in the Lord. They meet monthly with our staff to discuss the church financials and make decisions as good stewards of what our members have graciously given. The following men are currently serving on the board and will serve for 3 consecutive years. The years listed indicate when each man will roll off the board and there must be at least a one year break before they serve as a Trustee again.

Warren Adams (2024), Nathan Alexander (2026), Ed Baker (2024), Richard Berryman (2025), Larry Garris (2026), Richard Hutcherson (2025), Coy Jones (2025), Terry Jones (2025), Nic Penny (2024), Donnie Spicer (2026), Ed Wanta (Vice President, 2024), and Jim Wells (2026)

Meet Our Staff

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Pastor Gery Niess

Worship Pastor

Cortney Warf

Warren Kids Director

Zack Seals

Interim Student Director/Production Director

Tiffany Watkins

Connections Director

Bill Lawrence

Chief Financial Officer

June Bullock

Mother's Day Out Director